3 Surprising Facts About Massage Therapy

Getting regular massages can give you benefits beyond the physical. As much as you benefit physically, massage can also help you emotionally.

How Massage Benefits You

You may have decided to get regular massages because of chronic low back pain. Beyond that, massages can help expectant mothers, who may experience shorter, less painful labors.

Because regular massage stimulates lymph flow, your body’s immunity to disease is improved.. If you suffered an injury with scarring, massage can encourage the regeneration of new, healthy tissues. This may reduce scarring.

Looking at the pain aspect, massage lowers the risk of cramping and spasms. It also helps relax overused and injured muscles.

The Benefits Go Beyond the Physical

We all benefit from soft touch. People who suffer from anxiety, panic conditions or depression may benefit from regular massage therapy sessions.

People who suffer migraine headaches may realize that, over time, their migraines are happening less frequently. The severity of their headaches may lessen as well.

For someone who has trouble sleeping well throughout the night, the effect of one hour of massage therapy is equivalent to seven or eight hours of sleep.

Your Massage Therapist Can Clue You Into Potential Skin Cancer

If you receive regular massages and you visit the same massage therapist, they may become so familiar with the appearance of your body that they can warn you about any moles that are growing or that look suspicious. By doing so, they can tell you that you need to see a dermatologist.

Once you see this specialist, they can closely examine the mole(s) to determine if you may have skin cancer or not. Your massage therapist is easily able to eye areas of your body that you cannot see. 

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